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Lady of the Canyon

Perfume Roller

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Cedar Hill Homestead

All natural herbs, saps, barks, roots, oleoresins and absolutes in a base of organic cold pressed oils.

Rosewood: rosewood, tuberose, rose Otto, cistus, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, amber, and oud in coconut oil.

Resin Roller: palo Santo resin, laudanum resin, Peru balsam resin, gurjun balsam, frankincense resin, black pepper, cardamom, cedar wood and smoke in coconut oil

Oakmoss: oak moss, birch tar, ho wood, rosewood, calamus root, pine, fir, cypress and hint of clove in coconut oil

Cedar Spice: patchouli, cedar heart wood, clove, cedar wood, cocoa absolute, Buddha wood, tanka bean, vanilla oleoresin in coconut oil.

Tobacco Vanille: Indian tobacco, vanille, vetiver, sandalwood, oud, laudanum, and smoke in coconut oil.


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